Upcoming Events

Wine Tasting and Networking

May 22, 2018
5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Michigan by the Bottle Tasting Room
29932 Woodward Avenue
Royal Oak, MI 48073
Venue Website

Join us for a private wine tasting of Michigan wines!

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Dinner Meetings

You can report your PDUs at the PMI Headquarters website by using either the PDF document and send in your PDUs or use the online tool. Both are available online at the PMI website by following the following steps -

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Past PDU Codes for Dinner Meetings

2017 Dinner Meetings

Date Event PDU Code Number of PDUs
January 9, 2017 January Dinner Meeting    
February 13, 2017 February Dinner Meeting C011-021317-MM 2 PDU
March 13, 2017 March Dinner Meeting    


2016 Dinner Meetings

Date Event PDU Code Number of PDUs
  January Dinner Meeting    
  February Dinner Meeting    
  March Dinner Meeting    
  April Dinner Meeting    
  May Dinner Meeting    
  June Dinner Meeting    
  September Dinner Meeting    
  October Dinner Meeting    
  November Dinner Meeting    
  December Dinner Meeting    


2015 Dinner Meetings

Date Event PDU Code Number of PDUs
January 12, 2015 January Dinner Meeting C011-011215 1.5 PDU
February 9, 2015 February Dinner Meeting C011-020915 1.5 PDU
March 9, 2015 March Dinner Meeting C011-030915 1.5 PDU
April 13, 2015 April Dinner Meeting C011-041315 1.5 PDU
May 11, 2015 May Dinner Meeting C011-051115 1.5 PDU
June 8, 2015 June Dinner Meeting C011-060815 1.5 PDU
September 14, 2015 September Dinner Meeting C011-091415 1.5 PDU
October 12, 2015 October Dinner Meeting C011-101215 1.5 PDU
November 9, 2015 November Dinner Meeting C011-110915 1.5 PDU
December 14, 2015 December Dinner Meeting C011-121415 1.5 PDU