2019 Professional Development Day

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Last Chance!
"Crossing the Bridge Between Waterfall and Agile"

Friday, October 25, 2019 ⋅ 8 AM – 5 PM 

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Speaker: Spencer Horn

Spencer is the President of Altium Leadership. He has previously been CEO of leadership development company and Vice President of a NASDAQ company, which developed IMAX theaters in tourist destinations. There he worked with major organizations such as IMAX Corp., National Geographic Television, Radio City Productions, Disney Films and more. He has been speaking and presenting at PMI chapter development conferences since 2010 and has been a regular speaker at the PMI Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM) North America Conference, since 2014. He is consistently one of the highest rated speakers for the yearlong, PMI Leadership Institute Master Class (LIMC) since 2015.

He is a co-author of the "Speakers on Life"​ anthology "The Power of the Platform" along with Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Brian Tracy and more.

He holds a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in economics from the University of Utah. He is a certified team coaching facilitator through Team Coaching International and a certified Professional Dynametric Programs trainer and administrator through PDP Global.

Presentation: Agile Management Coaching: Effective Delegation & Coaching Skills For Busy Leaders

Transformation, innovation, and rapid change is the new normal for most businesses today. In order to keep up, many businesses have adopted Agile methodologies from IT and applied them to HR and management practices. It has become a strategic necessity for managers to develop talent quickly and be responsive to market demands.

Gain understanding and experience of how to coach and manage direct reports around challenging behavioral issues. Learn the art of giving and receiving feedback for improvement. Participants will learn the responsibility of delegation. Help increase engagement in team members through empowering them to learn and grow in their positions. Avoid taking on the responsibilities of your team and learn why this is a challenge for many leaders. You will have the opportunity to practice these skills in response to common behavioral situations in a safe environment, which will give you the confidence to increase your effectiveness immediately.

Value to audience:

  • Learn how to take charge of your busy day.
  • Engage in learning sprints to practice coaching skills and techniques.
  • Develop the listening skills necessary to make better decisions.
  • Learn effective delegation versus abdication or control.
  • Participate in peer-to-peer feedback, learn from mistakes and change your approach.
  • Learn how to effectively Scrum for multidirectional feedback within the team for greater accountability. This is all about execution where your team takes greater personal responsibility.


  • Learn how to take charge of your busy day.
  • Learn effective delegation versus abdication or control.
  • Begin to learn and practice proven coaching techniques.

Speaker: Kate Megaw, PMP 

Kate Megaw, CST, PMP is the President of the Braintrust Consulting Group where she specializes in working with executives and C- level professionals in addition to serving as an Agile Coach and Trainer. Kate is a dynamic Project Management Professional with more than 15 years’ experience in successfully planning, directing, tracking, and managing complex projects. Before cofounding The Braintrust Consulting Group, Kate worked as a project manager for the global leader in Corporate Actions automation. Now she uses her years of experience to guide clients through the transition from a waterfall to Agile delivery model.

Kate is client-focused with finely honed communication and presentation abilities, complemented by strong planning, organizational, and people management skills. Kate is a motivator and encourager and is happiest when she breaks through to a client and leads them to the ‘aha’ moment. Before moving to the United States, Kate received her bachelor’s degree in information management from the Queen’s University of Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Presentation: Crossing the Bridge … From Waterfall to Agile

How can your business survive the next 5, 10 or 20 years? Can you continue delivering products and services (i.e. waterfall) as you did in the past? How does Agility impact your business? These are big questions that organizations across the world are addressing with the understanding that change is inevitable. This hands-on workshop will explore some of the mechanics of Agility and how it applies to different kinds of industries. Participants will explore ways to help them become more confident how Agility best applies for their companies.

Whether you are new to Agile or already in the middle of your Agile journey, this session helps you uncover different approaches to launch or even expand Agility within your organization.

Attendees will:

  • Explore the Agile business landscape – what kinds companies are adopting Agile and why?
    • Individual Activity – each person will write down the answer to the question – What kind of industry and/or customers does their company serve? And why is Agile important to the survival of their business?
    • Room Group Activity – pair up with someone unfamiliar and not at your table. Share your written answers. Each pair will decide on a score that rates how important Agile is for the future of each of their companies. Each person will pair with five different people in the room to accumulate five separate scores.
    • Table Team Activity – people will return to their tables and select the highest cumulative scored answers and discuss them. Create a flipchart with the reasons why Agile is important to their companies.

  • Becoming an Agile organization – identify the critical success factors as well as the pitfalls experienced in adopting Agile within your organizations.
    • Table Team Activity – write five post-it notes in prioritized order for the most important success factors for adopting Agile. Write five post-it notes for pitfalls to avoid while adopting Agile.
    • Table Share Activity – selected participants from each table will share and exchange information with other tables. What are the common themes?

              *Note – a worksheet will be provided with top successes and barriers for those not participating in Agile programs

  • Agile in a waterfall world – what can Agile practices do for your waterfall projects
    • Table Poster Activity – identify Scrum practices and events and how they can add value to a traditional waterfall project
    • Table Team Activity – practice the concept of story mapping.

  • Planning with Agility to upscale your Agile program – identify elements of an Executive Action Plan to help your Agile adoption come to life utilizing Scrum and what you have learned in this session.
    • Table Team Activity – identify necessary elements of leadership engagement
    • Table Team Activity – identify key roles and responsibilities for a successful Agile program. Who should be on the Executive Action Team?
    • Table Poster Activity – how can you utilize ideas from Scrum to help your Agile program?

  • Practice ways for the team to inspect and adapt their Agile program
    • Table Team Activity – Do a retrospective to identify what is going well, what isn’t going so well and what we might want to do differently

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