Upcoming Events

18th Annual PMIGLC Spring Symposium

April 26, 2019
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The Suburban Collection Showplace - Diamond Center
46100 Grand River Avenue
Novi, MI 48374
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Project Managers as Champions of Change

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PMP®/ CAPM® Certification Exam Prep Classes - Spring 2019 - Southfield

May 11, 2019
7:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Lawrence Tech - Southfield Campus
21000 West Ten Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48075
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PMP®/ CAPM® Certification Exam Prep Classes - Spring 2019 - Session 4

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PMIGLC Happy Hour/Social Networking

May 22, 2019
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Craft Breww City
27843 Orchard Lake Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
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Eat, Drink and Mingle!

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Board Role Descriptions


 The President shall be the Chief Officer for the Great Lakes Chapter and of the Board. The President shall perform such duties as are customary for the presiding officers, including oversight of day to day operations and making all required appointments to the Executive Committee when a vacancy occurs during a term with the approval of the Executive Committee.  The President shall also serve as a member ex-officio with the right to vote on all committees except the Nominating Committee. The President must have previously been in the President Elect position. 

Duties of the President include:

  1. Preside over all Chapter and Board meetings
  2. Work with the Board to develop goals and plans for the year
  3. Direct the activities for the other officers on the Executive Committee
  4. Appoint members to vacant Executive Committee positions, subject to the Executive Committee approval
  5. Communicate information of importance to PMI and the chapter membership
  6. Review all Chapter reports, newsletters, etc.
  7. Serve as primary liaison to PMI
  8. Support a clean timely turn over of the Chapter record to the current President Elect when term is over
  9. Member of the Strategy Committee
  10. Facilitate Annual Board Transition Meeting

Past President

The Immediate Past President shall be in an advisory role and will preside over the strategic direction of the Great Lakes Chapter and the Board.

 Duties of the Immediate Past President include:

  1. Appoint Nominating Committee members
  2. Chairman of the Strategy Committee
  3. Assist the President in liaison activities with PMI
  4. Chair the nominating committee responsible for preparing a slate of officers for the succeeding year
  5. Execute special assignments as required
  6. Support a clean and timely turn over of the positions records to the position’s successor


The President Elect shall be responsible for facilitating operations of the Great Lakes Chapter. In that capacity the President Elect will work with the rest of the Executive Committee facilitating the day to day operation of the chapter. The President Elect must be selected by the Executive Committee from a current Executive Committee position. President Elect nominees must be elected by members within the last 3 years. The President Elect must have been previously been in a Vice President’s position for at least one full term.

 Duties of the President Elect include:

  1. Work with the appropriate Vice President to appoint directors, committee chairpersons, etc. with Executive Committee approval
  2. Oversee the preparation and submittal of the Chapter Annual Charter Renewal (usually due by end of January)
  3. Member of the Strategy Committee
  4. Execute special assignments as required
  5. Maintain PMI Charter agreement document per PMI procedure
  6. Ensure continued coverage under Liability Insurance policy provisioned by PMI
  7. Manage Event Logistics for Annual Board Transition Meeting
  8. Provide input for Annual Board Transition Meeting Agenda
  9. Is responsible for applying for PMI awards

VP Administration

1.     Manage Volunteer Recruitment and Recognition
2.     Maintain Volunteer Opportunities on the web site (work with Webmaster to update
3.     Develop/maintain induction checklist to assist new volunteers
4.     Decommission volunteers upon end of assignment
5.     Recognize Volunteer
6.      Manage Chapter Contracts
7.     Perform Risk Assessment and report potential risks to the Board of Directors
8.     Submit Chapter Awards
9.     Submit Chapter Charter Renewal
10.  Resolve Complaints/Disputes
11.  Mail Administration (US Postal Service)
12.  Take and distribute minutes of Board meetings
13.  Maintain Board contact list

VP Communications

1.   Maintain PMI-GLC Web Site
2.   Distribute Email and Newsletter Blasts
3.   Maintain Job Posting Process and Templates, Process, Policy
4.   Publish Member Articles
5.   Develop and Support Voting Process
6.   Provide PMI-GLC Chapter Sharepoint Support and Training
7.   Maintain PMI-GLC Chapter Sharepoint and email ID's
8.   Establish Internal and External Advertising Strategy, Policies, and Plans
9.   Internal Advertising Manager - Create emails and press releases
10.  Create and Update Event Registration Measurement Metric Charts
11.  Publish Annual Events Brochure
12.  Publish GLC Chapter Brochure
13.  External Advertising Manager - manage advertising from vendors
14.  Vendor Scheduling & Invoicing

VP Finance

  1. Manage Payment Receipt/Request Process
  2. Produce Financial Reports
  3. Close Books and Prepare Annual Financial Report
  4. Prepare Taxes for the Chapter (Federal and State)
  5. Copy of filings to PMI-GOC (Global Operations Center)
  6. Compliance with Federal/State Regulations
  7. Arrange for independent financial audit
  8. Monitor Chapter compliance with IRS tax rules and "Tax Exempt Certificate" use.
  9. File Nonprofit Corporation Information Update to State of Michigan
  10. File "Subsequent Appointment of Agent - Michigan Corporation"
  11. Issue 1099's for speakers based on IRS Regulations
  12. Portfolio Management - Project Selection and Prioritization
  13. Provide Board members with QuickBooks Special Reports as requested

VP Membership

  1. Membership Information Manager
  2. Membership Statistics Report
  3. Membership Letters - New, Reminders, Late Notices, New PMP
  4. Membership Retention Process
  5. Membership Retention: Non Renewals Outbound Calling Process
  6. New Member packet
  7. New Member Orientation (Non-PDU Event)
  8. Golf Outing (Non-PDU Event)
  9. Update and Baseline Membership Metrics from Prior Year
  10. Director of Membership Promotion
  11. Director of Membership Retention
  12. Membership display board(s)
  13. Contact new members and new PMPs
  14. Maintain Membership webpage
  15. Manager Mentor Program

VP Outreach

Conduct regular meeting with Outreach Directors
Develop methodology and use it to develop relationship with affiliates, including criteria for evaluation
Develop analytical methodology for selection of affiliate.  Identify, Engage and select potential affiliates
Draft MOU with selected affiliates and Engage in activities drafted in the MOU with affiliates
Define/review criteria for target partners
Develop/maintain relationships with academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and local corporations to promote PM and PMI
Identify local colleges/universities with a PM curriculum, local non-profit organizations and corporations that want to learn more about PM

Academic Outreach Committee
PMI Awareness Overview Presentation/Talking Points, PMP and REP Awareness Overview Presentation/Talking Points
Review project mgt. curriculum for conformance to PMI standards

Community Outreach Committee
Identify training, mentorship, coaching and other activities promoting project mgt the committee can offer

Corporate Outreach Committee
Conduct Needs Assessment Meetings and Conduct Corporate Roundtables

VP Professional Development

Strategic Management

Refine and disseminate strategic objective for Professional Development per transition meeting

Sign-off on prior year summative event evaluation report for improvements

Appoint/reappoint directors/managers per approval by BoD, Train directors/managers

Set area sub-objectives from strategic objective, Review formative objectives on events

Prepare summative evaluation report, Develop event schedule for year

Reserve facilities for events; sign contracts; includes contract with Moodle for rental of Course Management System

Develop and send Year Advertising Plan to VP/Communications

Update Web and inform VP/Communications with events for advertising

Manage overall budget and reconcile with monthly financial reports

Monitor events for budgetary aspects (rentals, fees, instructor fees, etc)

Monitor events for enrollment aspects (registrations, attendance lists to appropriate people)

Submits requests for payment for facilities, instructors, presenters

Manages surveys through SurveyMonkey, Enters surveys into SurveyMonkey, submits to participants of all courses and to instructor/presenter

Manage communication (externally and internally)

Monitors www.acteva.com for registration figures for all events and keeps appropriate director informed with attendance lists

Manage e-mail addresses for directors, business cards, Review all documents and prepare for turnover to next VP/PD

PMP/CAPM Exam Review Courses

Manage Instructors

Appoints lead instructors and backups for review class sessions

Provides instructors with appropriate materials: attendance rosters, teaching materials, etc.

Collects instructor assessments and disseminate to instructors

Credentials new applicants as instructors

Communicates with applicants and instructors for procedure

Manages PMP Review Course Content

Ensures Student Manuals, Instructor Manuals, Student Certificates, and ESI books are developed, duplicated, and ordered

Updates documentation for position

Prepares summative evaluation report for PMP Review Course


Appoints and works with committee on offerings, Prepares forum (topics) schedule from survey data

Identifies speaker for each event

Submits requirements for facility to VP/PD

Submits information on speaker, topic, and objectives to VP/PD for advertising

Prepares materials for duplication

Implements forum; takes attendance, etc.

Submits SurveyMonkey link to instructor for evaluations

Prepares formative evaluation for each event, Prepares summative evaluation for forums, Updates documentation for position


Appoints and works with committee, Prepares seminars (topics) schedule from survey data

Identifies speaker for each seminar and procedes with pilot test of seminar

Submits requirements for facility to VP/PD

Submits information on speaker, topic, and objectives to VP/PD for advertising

Prepares materials for duplication

Implements seminar; takes attendance, submits info to VP/PD for payment

Submits SurveyMonkey link to instructor for evaluation

Prepares formative evaluation for each seminar, Prepares summative evaluation for seminars

Updates documentation for position

Online Events

Appoints and works with lead and backup instructor, Trains instructors in online teaching

Prepares schedule for offering courses

Communicates with technical and registration people to ensure site ready for course

Prepares Moodle, Enters students into course

Monitors course for technical difficulties and works with technical people for resolution

Sends student names, addresses, and phone numbers to Manager of Materials for ESI book ordering

Downloads course evaluation for records, Prepares formative evaluation for each course

Updates documentation for position, Prepares summative evaluation for forums

Materials Management

Appoints and works with committee,Trains committee members in process

Sets up collaboration with Kinko's (acquires GLC credit card)

Monitors schedule for offering all events, Communicates with each director for each event

Acquires materials and ensures appropriate duplication and delivery to event site, Orders ESI books for PMP review courses

Ensures proper billing and accounting procedures for duplicating

Keeps detailed financial records of duplicating costs for all events; reconciles with quarterly financial report

Prepares formative report for each event, Prepares summative evaluation for materials, Updates documentation for position


The VP of Marketing shall be responsible for branding, marketing, publicity, public relations, sponsorship and working with other members of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE to promote chapter activities.

Key roles and responsibilities are:

·Single point of contact for the PMI GLC Board of Directors for their Marketing, Sponsorship, and Publicity needs for the chapter
·Ensures proper coordination for all Internal and External special event communications like Symposium and all Media Plans
·Ensures marketing and promotional needs of PMI-GLC membership is met for professional development, events, and Board of Directors projects.
·Responsible for promotional materials being purchased for chapter events, programs and Board of Directors.
·Is proactive in developing marketing program strategy and plans that are measurable and support the PMI GLC Mission/Vision statement and strategic objectives.
· Leads efforts in PMIGLC communication strategies and developing marketing plans.
· Recruits, selects, mentors, and coaches volunteers to execute and backup the Marketing & Promotions needs of the chapter
· Responsible for maintenance of documentation of all marketing, sponsorship, publicity, and promotions processes
· Responsible for developing and growing sponsorship engagement with the chapter.
· Responsible for building the PMI-GLC brand to understand membership and all stakeholders needs - especially Corporate Partnerships.  Develop strategies centered around  “what” and “how” all PMI-GLC functions  do to deliver offerings that motivate, create, and grow Project Managers now and in the future.

Duties of VP Marketing:

1. Manage all Communication Media Plans submitted by the Board of Directors and provide combined marketing and promotions plans
2. Provide information needed and coordinate activities of marketing firms and other vendors used for PMI GLC’s marketing & promotions
3. Coordinate and approve all Marketing, Branding, Sponsorship,… etc. and promotional purchases for PMI-GLC.
4. Ensure the development and completion of chapter identity and branding items such as brochures, communications templates, wall signs, chapter logo,.. etc.
5. Coordinate use of PMI GLC Display Boards and processes to be sure they are up-to-date
6. Year-over-year growth of revenue from and participation of sponsors engaged with the chapter membership.