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November 2019 Monthly Meeting

November 18, 2019
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

School Craft College
18600 Haggerty Rd
Livonia, MI 48152
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Healthcare Change Leadership

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Chapter Update

Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary

We would like to thank everyone who came out to celebrate PMI’s 50th and our Chapters 40th Anniversary Party in October. Thanks to everyone who attended including the many chapter members who were attending a #PMIGLC event for the first time. We were thrilled by the overall turnout (150+) and we hope to see many of you again at our future #PMIGLC events.

The Project Manager who organized the party was JoAnne Jachyra, who is also the Chapter’s Director of Community Outreach.   JoAnne worked tirelessly with minimal notice to pull off an amazing event – which is what happens when you hire a PMP to run a project!   Thank you, JoAnne and everyone on the team who supported our weekly calls (Jeff Adams, Srini Pinnamaneni, LeighAnne Martin, Gia Todd, Nick Beneker, Michele Patera, Steven Ventura, Anthony Amairaj, Gil Rollins, Kent Potts, and Minimol Mathew). 

It was quite a party!   We had a champagne toast, anniversary cake, buffet dinner, PMI 50th anniversary buttons and temporary tattoos.   We also had six recruiting firms on hand including Blue Chip Talent,  GDI InfoTech, Modis, Mi-GSO/PCU3ED, Recruitment Management Consultants (RMC),  Career Coaching provided by Purposeful Pursuits, professional headshots provided by Scott Gidley, linkedin.com advisor Chrissie Wywrot and guest speaker Michael Milutis presented “Finding Your Place in a New, Digital World”.    Not to mention that Gia played some great music throughout the evening.

Thanks to our special guest from the PMI Board of Directors Caterina (Cathy) La Tona Immediate Past Chair at PMI.   Cathy has been a strong supporter of the chapter and has become the official PMIGLC anniversary cake cutter, we’ve had two cakes this year.   Some of the photos are available online in our photo album here.

PMIGLC Election - the Results are In!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 PMIGLC Election.  The following people will be serving their terms from 2020-2021: 

VP of Administration
Michele Patera

VP of Membership
Surya Prakash
VP of Finance
Brian Roy


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Monthly Meeting & Networking Forum

Monthly Dinner Meeting

November 18 ⋅ 5 pm - 8 pm

Healthcare Change Leadership
The change leadership that works for large healthcare systems is unique. This talk will highlight unique cultural strengths and nuances in traditional healthcare organizations in South East Michigan. This unique blend is a result of management & leadership sourced from three very different professions: automotive, nursing, and physicians. The session will explore why traditional change management models don’t deliver, and the ingredients that have resulted in lasting change.  

The speaker will frame the learning experience using the context of an Enterprise Supply Chain Transformation initiative, This program is comprised of 6 large workstreams, highlighting the successes and lessons learnt in the context of Change Leadership.

Speaker: Vic Divecha

Vic Divecha, (PMP 2013), has journeyed through key areas of the US Healthcare system. Over 15 years he has gained exposure to healthcare delivery management: Supply Chain, Finance, Clinical Research Management, Workforce Development, Data & Analytics, Electronic Health Records, Ambulatory Access for Patients, Patient Civil Rights and most recently Patient & Family Experience.

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Professional Development Opportunities

Construction Panel Discussion on Quality Management

November 19 ⋅ 7:45 - 9:15 am 

“Quality Management for Business Success by a PMP”
This year PMIGLC Corporate Outreach focused on Greater Detroit Area’s Construction Companies.  Dr. Hani Emari, PMP is the Director of Corporate Outreach for PMIGLC.  He has reached out to many of his colleagues and counterparts to advocate the use of PMI Philosophy and PMBOK framework to enhance their Project Management efforts.  The feedback so far is positive on how PMIGLC membership and association helps our businesses.  The PMI Outreach team members have shared their experience and knowledge with Corporate Executives.   The outcome of the discussions is to continue building a significant, Construction Community at PMIGLC and to host Panel Discussion and Construction Executive Round Table (CERT) events to discuss major challenges faced by the industry and to share Lessons Learned in a collaborative and friendly environment.      

It is no surprise to any corporate executive, that excellence in quality retains customers and brings new ones.  However, Quality Management in Construction is far more important than just business profitability.  For sustainable business success and growth, continuous improvement through a Total Quality Management approach is the key to manage scope, risks, safety, productivity, efficiency, and elimination of rework.    

In this panel discussion Dr. Emari will present his recent experience as Project Quality Manager in L.S. Brinker for two of DTE Energy’s projects, managed in association with Barton Malow.  He will demonstrate the Quality Management System (developed by benchmarking from DTE AWP, US Army Corps of Engineering CQM, and the PMI Construction Practice Guide)x. 

The panelists from Wayne State’s Construction Management Program, DTE Energy, Walbridge, Barton Malow, and SME will critique the system and offer their lessons learned and suggestions for improvement.  The outcome of the meeting will be published as PMIGLC Construction Quality Management - Lessons Learned and will be made available for all members to use. 

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Moylan’s Mulligans 

Will appear next month.

Check back in December.

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PMIĀ® News

PMI Board of Directors Call for Nominations

Ready to Serve?
In 2020, PMI members will elect four individuals to serve on our Board of Directors for a term spanning 2021–2023. One of these directors could be you. Read on

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Welcome New Members

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