The Purpose of Research



While project management has been one of the fastest-growing disciplines in most organizations, the success rate of projects has not kept pace. Based on recent reports, a majority of projects are still challenged and do not provide the benefits expected. There are a number of different reasons for these challenges and/or failures, providing potential opportunities for researchers to engage in studies that could potentially alleviate the lack of successful outcomes.
Research is not limited to academics – as they may not have current practical experiences to develop appropriate and relevant studies that need to be addressed to improve project success. Practitioners, with their unique and current experience level, might be better equipped to address the shortfalls and develop studies, whose outcomes provide more immediate results in increasing project success.
This begs the question as to why a project manager should consider doing research and have the results published in a journal. The most obvious answer relates to the potential for career enhancement, as the result of being published could establish one as an expert in the field. In addition, being published also sets the stage for potential academic opportunities – teaching how to become more effective in achieving successful project outcomes.
PMI Great Lakes has developed Research Guidelines that provide details necessary for developing a research proposal that meets the rigors of a scientifically valid study. It provides the necessary details for the recruitment of participants, collection of data, protecting individual privacy, avoiding conflicts of interest, data security, and whom to contact for support on the development of appropriate research design. It also provides guidelines for publishing in the Project Management Journal as well as other pertinent information that will assist in publishing your results. The Manifesto also provides links to resources that may be helpful in developing a research topic and getting published. In addition, PMI Great Lakes has individuals that you can contact for assistance in developing your proposal and getting it published.


For individuals interested in pursuing publication in a peer reviewed journal, PMI Great Lakes has the following resources available:

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