Breakout Presentations - General

Resilience = (Agility + Innovation)2  A formula that Helped Deliver Value in the New Normal

Speaker: Brian Lowery

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Increasing Value with Cost Management in Manufacturing

Speakers: Mike Betz & Jeoff Burris

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Citizen Developer and the Digital PMO: Two Keys for Unlocking the Potential of Your Organization

Speaker: Rich Weller

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Breakout Presentations - Construction

The BIM Vaccine for Covid-19 Construction

Speaker: Art Theusch

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Project Management Tool Selection for Construction Companies

Speaker: Heath Suddleson

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CPM Scheduling to Production Management: An Overview of Best Practices in the Age of Covid-19

Speaker: Samir Emdanat

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Breakout Presentations - Healthcare

The Tsunami of Virtual Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Speaker: Becky Sanders

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COVID, Healthcare and the Future – Changes and the Impact - Today and Tomorrow

Speaker: Medija Shaska, MS, PMP

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How to Manage Emotions and Stress in the New Normal

Speaker: Donna Iding

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Breakout Presentations - Military

The Military’s Unique Training Ground for Project Management

Speaker: Jay Hicks

Speaker presentation


Best Laid Plans - How to Strategize and Be Self-Aware in Times of Crisis

Speaker: Aida Dismondy

Speaker presentation


Understanding the Overlap between Military Planning and Predictive and Adaptive Project Management. (Why veterans make great project managers)

Speaker: Joshua Atkinson

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