AKPsi Better Together Prgoram

Through an informal alliance with the business fraternity, AKPsi, we will be launching a new program called the AKPsi Better Together program. The program encourages two local student organizations within a given campus, to collaborate on a project that might not otherwise happen through the existing support groups on campus.

We are excited about the opportunity for our PMI Project Managers to be able to provide some mentoring to these students. By participating in this program, you will be able to both help students learn more about good Project Management as well as potential career fields in the field of Project Management.

We plan to be serving students potentially from across the country so you will have the opportunity to provide mentoring via Zoom or other virtual networks. The pilot will initially pursue projects to help US Veterans, to help students learn about Financial Management, or even some opportunities to help college students work more closely with High School students in the pursuit of career-related ideas.

We will be officially launching the program very soon and you will be able to learn which schools from across the country have chosen to participate in the program. You will then be able to let us know if you are interested in engaging in this very worthwhile activity.

Mike Callahan, PMP