Community Outreach

Mission & Objectives

The PMI Great Lakes Community Outreach Program is focused on non-profit and not-for-profit) organizations in the chapter's geographic area, including local non-profit institutions and local government. Its primary objective is to promote program/project management best practices, and use those tools and skills to assist such organizations in executing their various humanitarian, community or other charitable initiatives.


  • Project/program management consulting and coaching
  • Member volunteers to support initiatives
  • Professional project management networking opportunities
  • Subject-matter expert presenters and speakers
  • Joint event sponsorship for events related to professional project management

The PMIGL Outreach Program has three tracks (focus areas):

  • Integration of project management training into K – 12 programs, robotics programs and summer camps
  • Helping non-profit organizations with volunteer project management consulting and coaching
  • Partnering with other non-profit organizations to improve our community

2020 Initiatives

  • Organize the State of Michigan proclamation for Project Management month to include all Michigan PMI Chapters


  • Provide PMIGL Day to benefit Detroit high school students attending Wayne State University Summer Academy for Construction Technologies. PMIGL provides project management training and lunch for 25 students.


  • Partner with the C2 Strategic Pipeline to integrate PM Skills for life into their offerings. This will provide an opportunity to engage high school students in 240 high schools in our area.


  • PM Skills for Life - 5-hour course from PMI Educational Foundation on application of project management basics to everyday life.


  • Partner with the Project Management for Change organization to hold a PMIGL PM Day of Service (PMDoS) event for 2021. 


PMDoS has gone GLOBAL, replicating the one-day community service event that began in the DC/MD/VA area on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January, 20, 2014, and has since become an annual event. In answer to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s statement, "Life's most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others?'"--many across the country take this day to serve their communities.

For information either as a participant or support volunteer, please contact us via email at