Community Outreach

Mission & Objectives

The PMI Great Lakes Community Outreach Program is focused on non-profit and not-for-profit) organizations in the chapter's geographic area, including local non-profit institutions and local government. Its primary objective is to promote program/project management best practices, and use those tools and skills to assist such organizations in executing their various humanitarian, community or other charitable initiatives.


  • Project/program management consulting and coaching
  • Member volunteers to support initiatives
  • Professional project management networking opportunities
  • Subject-matter expert presenters and speakers
  • Joint event sponsorship for events related to professional project management

The PMIGL Outreach Program has three focus areas:

  • Integration of project management training into K – 12 programs, robotics programs and summer camps
  • Helping non-profit organizations with volunteer project management consulting and coaching
  • Partnering with other non-profit organizations to improve our community

2023 Initiatives

  • Partner with non-profits/not-for-profits to hold a PMIGL PM Day of Service (PMDoS) event for 2023.
  • Work with targeted High Schools to work on a Scope for PM for Change to implement CAPM Training.


For information either as a participant or support volunteer, please contact us via email at