The Great Lakes Chapter is always looking for members who want to be more involved with the chapter. This is a great way to support the growth of the chapter and earn valuable PDUs for re-certification. We are currently in need of volunteers for a number of committee projects in progress. In an effort to match your interests and skills with the Chapter's needs, we need some information from you. If you are interested in helping out on one of our committee projects, please fill out the Chapter Volunteer Information Form and send it to our Director of Volunteer Program  and you will be put in touch with the committee chair.

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One-day, One-Month Gigs

Job Posting: Jan. 23, 2019


  • One-Day and One-Month volunteer support roles with PMIGLC are available, as-required, and on a FCFS basis based on project headcount needs.  In addition to the event one-day, the project team will likely have planning meetings leading up to the event that you will be required to call-in to.  If you'd like to be considered for a One-Day Volunteer Gig like Symposium, PDD, or another event, please complete a volunteer application and indicate that role.
  • Keep in-mind that PMIGLC has many full-year volunteer roles that require no more than an hour per week time committment to fulfill.  However, sometimes work schedules and life demands inhibit a year-long volunteer role for a brief period of time. 

Contact Information

Kent Potts,

Director, Speakers



The Director, Speaker of PMI Great Lakes Chapter (PMIGL) shall be responsible for securing speakers for the following PMIGL events, quarterly Breakfast Meeting, Monthly meeting, Spring Symposium and Professional Development Day.  The Speaker Director will be able to search, interview, evaluate, negotiate, and contract for each potential speaker for PMIGL events.  They will guide the speaker team with procurement and contract evaluations to ensure the PMIGL Chapter and speaker are both benefited.



●       VP, Professional Development

●       Manager, Speaker Contract

●       Manager, Speaker Procurement

●       Director, Contracts



▪        Plan and coordinate speakers for 13 + in-person/virtual events for members/non-members (including Symposium and PDD).

▪        Coordinate communications of the speakers to the speaker team.

▪        Plan monthly meetings for speaker assessment for upcoming events with the speaker team.

▪        Report status within bi-weekly Professional Development meetings.




▪        Member in good standing of and PMIGL is required.

▪        Manager/volunteer experience with PMIGL or another organization is preferred, but not required.

▪        Voted and approved by the EC.



▪        Ability to spend roughly 2 hours per week leading key PMIGL Speaker Engagement tasks / initiatives and growing the capabilities of all direct reports for their increased role responsibilities in the chapter.

▪        Will require attendance and leadership in meetings with volunteers or vendors related to membership activities.



If you are interested in this role at PMIGL, please complete our online volunteer application at

Director Member Retention



The Director of Membership Retention is responsible for all Chapter data and statistics related to membership counts, characteristics and trends. The Director is responsible for the periodic Membership reporting deliverables, as well as the ongoing maintenance and security of the Chapter’s membership data.


The Director is also the primary point of contact (along with the VP of Membership) for all communications both within and outside the Chapter related to current, lapsed and renewed memberships. The Director is charged with the timely and efficient response to all member (and prospective member) correspondence and PMI notifications regarding member status.


The Director of Membership Retention is also the “eyes and ears” of the Board of Directors regarding membership data, and will be called on to provide data-driven analysis and insight, that the Membership Committee and the Board may use to develop programs, action plans, etc., in service to the Chapter, PMI and/or the profession.


The Director of Membership Retention will:


ü  Assist the VP of Membership to define, track and achieve membership targets (growth and retention) as per Chapter objectives.

ü  Maintain the Chapter Membership Database and provide metrics-based reporting to the VP of Membership, at least monthly, on the status of and changes to Chapter membership

ü  Provide analysis and actionable insights to assist in the growth of Chapter membership and the increased engagement and satisfaction of Chapter members.

ü  Advise the VP of Membership and the Committee of underserved or underrepresented groups, locales, etc., within the Chapter area

ü  Build, maintain and improve the Membership Retention process to drive value for the Chapter, including accessible, detailed analyses of Chapter performance metrics and membership characteristics. 

ü  Collaborate with the Membership Committee leaders and volunteers to build communications plans and activities to fulfill Membership objectives.

ü  Collaborate with Membership, Communications and other Chapter committees on opportunities to promote Chapter membership


ü  Execute the Membership Letter Campaign, including maintenance of records and results as defined

ü  Respond promptly to membership-related queries and communications including receipt, tracking and follow-up on PMI Join/Renew notifications

ü  Solicit members to volunteer, through the defined process. Lead and mentor Chapter volunteers to fulfill Membership Retention processes and goals


ü  Train and ensure availability of a backup team member or process when not available to perform duties

ü  Transition all duties to the incoming Director of Membership Retention prior to leaving the position


ü  Remain a member in good standing of the PMI Great Lakes Chapter

ü  Identify personal goals for growth, set a plan with the support and coaching of the VP Membership, then execute and track progress throughout the year.

The Director of Membership Retention is a non-voting member of the Board of Directors. Nevertheless, as a member of the Board, the Director of Membership Retention carries substantial non-elected responsibilities for the Charter and operation of the Chapter. As such, the role of the Director of Membership Retention is an opportunity for personal and professional growth and advancement. The individual serving as the Director of Membership Retention is encouraged to call on the VP of Membership and other Chapter leaders as resources for such growth and to make the most of the opportunity through service to the Chapter, PMI, the profession and other stakeholders.



If you are interested in this role at PMIGL, please complete our online volunteer application at

Manager, Education Outreach


Written role description in development....


If you are interested in this role at PMIGL, please complete our online volunteer application at

Director, Academic Outreach


Responsible for defining the annual plan for PMIGLC Academic Outreach, creation of embedded university certification courses aimed at attracting and training the Next Gen PMs.  Works closely with VP and Other Outreach Directors (Academic, Corporate, Research, Military) on ideas that will help increase Outreach Coverage for the chapter.  Use feasible means of communication with sponsors, including but not limited to face to face meetings. Member of Board of Directors, written, email, video, podcast, etc..



·       Manage the CMU CAPM Enablement project(s) and assist in managing the sponsor stakeholders

·       Document the approach/tools used at CMU and create the capability of embedding a similar course in other universities.

·       Manage the webification of course materials

·       Create Support team for scholarly research and recruit and train Scholarly Research Manager.

·       Partner with MI After Schools programs and STEM organizations to reach student populations 

·       Support the Wayne State University Summer Academy for Construction Technologies.  PMIGLC provides annual project management training and lunch for high school students.

·       Develops and executes annual plan of outreach activities in support university LMS embedded courses 

·       Works with other teams to support in Key functions such as communication/registration, contracts if/when needed

·       Prepares and compiles results from event survey after each event

·       Work with VP Outreach and Outreach Directors on developing a rolling 3-year Event Plan

·       Reach out to peers in other chapters for ideas on improving outreach efforts.

·       Build a team of volunteers as required.

·       Document all processes and procedures used in Outreach Education.

·       Report status plan and activities on a monthly basis to the VP.



§  Member in good standing of PMIGL.

§  Voted and approved by Executive Committee

§  Registered PMP..



§  Ability to spend roughly 2 hours per week in volunteer on-boarding activities.

§  May require meetings with other BOD members, volunteers, or vendors related to activities.


If you are interested in this role at PMIGL, please complete our online volunteer application at

Sponsor Care Specialist



Assists PMIGLC Director of Sponsorship and Marketing by growing professional relationships with contacts at local area companies and cultivates a sponsoring partnership agreement with the company and PMI Great Lakes Chapter (PMIGLC).  Participates in development of marketing initiatives.  Almost exclusively uses phone and email for sponsor communications, and occasionally conducts personal visits to offices of prospective sponsors and marketing outlets within the region.  Expected time requirements are roughly 4 hours per month.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.


§  Uses sponsor historical involvement and contact information provided by Director, his/her own personal research, and other PMIGLC Board Of Director member contacts to follow-up during regular working hours and occasionally in person with prospective sponsors.

§  Uses Marketing annual income goals to target and present various sponsorship offerings to prospective sponsor companies.

§  Proposes different event and advertising sponsorship options with PMIGLC to prospective sponsoring companies.

§  Participates in identified efforts to increase PMIGLC exposure and business relationships with new companies thru new marketing efforts.

§  Schedules discussions with prospective sponsors by phone call and/or email.

§  Meets with current sponsoring companies to retain sponsorship

§  Dresses in professional business casual attire while visiting prospective sponsors.

§  Participates in brief, periodic sponsorship and marketing status phone calls with Director and others, as required.



§  Member in good standing with PMIGLC.

§  Registered PMP is desirable but not required.

§  A “Sales-Slant” personality is important for success.  If this is not a current skill set for volunteers, in-house training, tools, and guidance and coaching shall be provided.

§  The ability to use leadership and persuasion skills while interacting with potential and current sponsoring companies.



§  See above.

§  May require area sponsor visitation during regular working hours on rare occasions.




If you are interested in this role at PMIGL, please complete our online volunteer application at

Manager, Merchant Services


New role description under development.




If you are interested in this role at PMIGL, please complete our online volunteer application at