The Great Lakes Chapter is always looking for members who want to be more involved with the chapter. This is a great way to support the growth of the chapter and earn valuable PDUs for re-certification. We are currently in need of volunteers for a number of committee projects in progress. In an effort to match your interests and skills with the Chapter's needs, we need some information from you. If you are interested in helping out on one of our committee projects, please fill out the Chapter Volunteer Information Form and send it to our Director of Volunteer Program  and you will be put in touch with the committee chair.

Thank you for your interest in the GLC!


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One-day Gig

Job Posting: Jan. 23, 2019


  • One-Day volunteer support roles with PMIGLC are available, as-required, and on a FCFS basis based on project headcount needs.  In addition to the event one-day, the project team will likely have planning meetings leading up to the event that you will be required to call-in to.  If you'd like to be considered for a One-Day Volunteer Gig like Symposium, PDD, or another event, please complete a volunteer application and indicate that role.
  • Keep in-mind that PMIGLC has many full-year volunteer roles that require no more than an hour per week time committment to fulfill.  However, sometimes work schedules and life demands inhibit a year-long volunteer role for a brief period of time. 

Contact Information

Kent Potts,

Director, Community Outreach

role description pending VP, Outreach

Manager of K-12 Events

●        Member in good standing with PMI & PMIGLC.

●        Time requirements are roughly 2 hours per week.  Time requirements rise and lower as event dates near.

●        Follow the lead of the Director in collaboration with Wayne State University and PMIGLC Serve Squad trainers.

●        Promote the project management profession and STEM career development through the planning and coordination of special events, i.e., workshops, speakers, etc. designed to enhance and expand the skills and knowledge of youth project managers in grades 9-12 and ages 13-19

●        Incorporate feedback, suggestions and recommendations as necessary to enhance effectiveness and value delivered to the Serve Squad interns and chapter as they relate to the logistics of events/programs.

●        Oversee scheduling and coordinating moderation of events and presentations.  

●        Call-in to bi-weekly conference calls and specific event conference calls.

●        Work closely with Serve Squad program Youth PM Trainers and WSU Social Worker Assistants to Identify Requirements, Plan, Execute, Monitor & Control, and Close all tasks related to each event.

●        Non-inclusive list of responsibilities and deliverables:

●        Develop a schedule for accomplishing all the tasks for the event.

●        Coordinate all efforts in sync with the theme established by the Serve Squad Trainers and WSU Social Worker Assistants

●        Develop an agenda for the event.

●        Plan for food for the event (if applicable). Most events will be virtual.  In person events may occur periodically so long as it is safe and practical to hold them.

●        Identify all Event-Day volunteer positions needed.

●        Coordinate with the Serve Squad Trainers and WSU Social Worker Assistants to market and publish the event.

●        Provide information to various Serve Squad and PMIGLC members as required.



Reply if interested at our online volunteer application  or  to


Manager, Breakfast Meetings



Role Posting: Dec 11, 2020



● Member in good standing with PMI & PMIGLC

● This is a non-voting volunteer position

● Time requirements average 4-5 hours per week. Time requirements rise and lower as the events draw near.

● Direct all activities related to the Breakfast Meetings, to include:

o Build a simple Project Plan that can be followed by your team

o Run periodic conference calls with your team of volunteers

o Secure the venues with the help of our Events Manager

▪ Coordinate the room logistics

▪ Choose meals and snacks

▪ Access to the venue for setup and early arrival on event day

▪ Meet seat spacing requirements for the number of attendees

o Work with the Director of Speakers to coordinate speaker packets

o Schedule an MC for each event to introduce the speaker and share chapter announcements of upcoming events

o Coordinate with the A/V team

o Coordinate deposits required to venue/speakers via submission of RfPs to the VP of PD

o Coordinate table layout for sponsors in lobby of venue

o Track registrations with our Event Manager

o Organize volunteers as needed

o Coordinate any event handouts

o Procure Speaker gifts; then expensify

o Coordinate signage for guests to navigate easily as needed

o Manage the budget for Dinner and Breakfast Meetings

o Build the agendas for event day

o Build Lessons Learned file to review after the event with the Executive Committee

● Promote the project management profession via World Class events for our members and guests

● Incorporate feedback, suggestions and recommendations as necessary to enhance effectiveness and value delivered to the audience and chapter

● Attend regular Breakfast meetings, bi-weekly PD Team conference calls, and monthly Board of Directors Meetings when possible; The target is 90% attendance at the Director level

● Identify, Plan, Execute, Monitor & Control, and Close all tasks related to the Breakfast Meetings

● This position is a One-Year commitment; Work with the VP of PD in October as to your intentions to continue to serve in this role in successive years



Apply Online


Contact for Additional Information

Kent Potts,


Manager, Instagram


●       Monitor email account for 1) information that needs to be posted to chapter account & 2) team notifications

●       Post pictures, graphics & text to chapter Instagram account to promote the chapter and its ongoing activities

●       Attend in-person & conference call team meetings (as necessary).

●       Understand common social media practices as it relates to tagging and hashtags.

Be willing to back up other social media platforms on occasion as needed



Reply if interested at our online volunteer application  or  to