The Great Lakes Chapter is always looking for members who want to be more involved with the chapter. This is a great way to support the growth of the chapter and earn valuable PDUs for re-certification. We are currently in need of volunteers for a number of committee projects in progress. In an effort to match your interests and skills with the Chapter's needs, we need some information from you. If you are interested in helping out on one of our committee projects, please fill out the Chapter Volunteer Information Form and send it to our Director of Volunteer Program  and you will be put in touch with the committee chair.

Thank you for your interest in the GLC!


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One-day Gig

Job Posting: Jan. 23, 2019


  • One-Day volunteer support roles with PMIGLC are available, as-required, and on a FCFS basis based on project headcount needs.  In addition to the event one-day, the project team will likely have planning meetings leading up to the event that you will be required to call-in to.  If you'd like to be considered for a One-Day Volunteer Gig like Symposium, PDD, or another event, please complete a volunteer application and indicate that role.
  • Keep in-mind that PMIGLC has many full-year volunteer roles that require no more than an hour per week time committment to fulfill.  However, sometimes work schedules and life demands inhibit a year-long volunteer role for a brief period of time. 

Contact Information

Kent Potts,

Director, Contracts


Volunteer Responsibilities: 

§  Define contract standards for the chapter 

§  Review all contracts for completeness, consistency and maintain contracts log / repository 

§  Provide inputs to assess contract risks and manage to mitigate contract risks 

§  Support Google suite applications

§  Maintain vendor and relations and provide a single point of contact for PMIGL contract vendors and affiliations

§  Publish minutes and action items from contract review meetings

§  Periodically assist VP Administration in other activities related to contracts

§  Respond to emails and phone calls within 3 business days

§  Coordinate back up coverage from within the Administration team while on vacation

§  Serve in role according to the PMI core values and ethics.

§  Attend at least 1 BOD meeting per quarter (at least 4 BOD meetings per year)

§  Attend Administration Team Meetings




§  Member in good standing of and PMIGL is required.

§  A majority approval vote is required by the PMIGL Executive Committee.

§  Registered PMP is desirable but not required.




§  Ability to spend roughly 1 to 2 hours per week in volunteer contract management activities and/or team meetings

§  May require meetings with other BOD members, volunteers, or vendors/affiliates related to activities.


If you are intersted, please complete our online volunteer application form.



Kent Potts


Manager Technology


Reports to: Director of Security & Technology



Role: Assist the Director of Security & Technology in acquisition and support/maintenance of technology.



●       Acquisition of Technology

o   Participate in request for proposal (RFP) and contract negotiations

o   Research new technologies and/or features to improve the chapter efficiencies and membership experience and report on feasibility of proposed technology initiatives

o   Collaborate with chapter leadership to propose initiatives

o   Gather business requirements

o   Oversee any initiatives for current or proposed technologies

o   Lead implementation planning

o   Oversee training

●       Support / Maintenance of Technology

o   Manage all chapter technology initiatives

o   Provide administrative support for chapter technologies

o   Provide vendor management of technology

o   Be familiar with all aspects of operational technologies in place and be able to provide backup administrative support

o   Ensure the chapter’s owned, rented, or leased equipment is in good working order and tracked

o   Provide regular status updates to chapter leaders

o   Communicate service level agreements (SLAs) for issue/request intake process

o   Manage, recruit and onboard internal and external technology team members and ensure technology team is providing timely responses to support requests

o   Coordinate and collaborate with other chapter board members and volunteers where needed




Please complete our online volunteer application if you are interested in this role.

Newsletter Editor


Reports to: VP of Communications



Role: Responsible for reviewing submitted newsletter content and approving the final draft of the newsletter prior to being sent to members.





●       Request content from the Executive Team and Directors.

●       Review all submissions for the monthly Baseline News

●       Provide finalized content for the newsletter to be completed

●       Approve the newsletter prior to being sent out to the membership

●       Articles for the newsletter are due on the 10th of every month, and the goal is to publish the newsletter on the 14th

●       Collaborate with designated team members to publish monthly newsletter

●       Opportunity to be creative with style & format of the Monthly PMIGL newsletter

●       Assist in other Communications projects as needed



Please complete our online volunteer application if you are interested in this role.

Manager Symposium


●       Member in good standing with PMI & PMIGLC.

●       Time requirements are roughly 4 hours per week.  Time requirements rise and lower as event dates near

●       Follow the lead of the event Director

●       Promote the project management profession through the planning and coordination of special events, as identified by the chapter board, designed to enhance and expand the skills and knowledge of project managers

●       Incorporate feedback, suggestions and recommendations as necessary to enhance effectiveness and value delivered to the audience and chapter as they relate to the logistics of the Symposium

●       Oversee volunteers, tasks, and presentations

●       Responsible for coordinating all activities delegated by the Director for the Symposium

●       Attending regular chapter dinner meetings is encouraged

●       Call-in to bi-weekly PD conference calls and Symposium conference calls

●       Work closely with the Director to Identify Requirements, Plan, Execute, Monitor & Control, and Close all tasks related to each event

●       Non-inclusive list of responsibilities and deliverables:

●       Develop a schedule for accomplishing all the tasks for the Symposium

●       Coordinate all efforts in sync with the theme established by the BoD

●       Develop an agenda for the Symposium

●       Plan for food for the Symposium

●       Coordinate with the VP of Marketing to market the event

●      Coordinate with the VP of Communications for publishing the event

●      Coordinate with the VP of Membership to obtain sufficient Event-Day volunteers for each event

●      VP Professional Development is initially involved in all assignments made to the contracted event management group (currently Event Managers of Michigan).  The reason for this is to ensure billable hours are understood and budgeted

●      After the scope is conveyed to the event manager (EMM), the Manager shall coordinate all activities and deliverables with the event manager (EMM)

●       Provide information to members and nonmembers on events as required




Please complete our online volunteer application if you are interested in this role.