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Construction Panel: The Success OF IPD Projects

Construction Panel: The Success OF IPD Projects

Integrated Project Delivery was developed as a solution to construction projects’ adversarial relationships, low rates of productivity, high rates of inefficiency and rework, frequent disputes, and lack of innovation, resulting in too many projects that cost too much and take too long to build.

Project Management Professionals are proficient in Integration Management for different aspects of a project. The PMBoK Framework is applicable to any type of project, but when it comes to Integrated Project Delivery, there are contractual, psychological, and business management skills needed to successfully carry out the management of a quality end product that mixes Team Culture, Owner Business Objectives, and Contractor’s Financial Goals.

Many organizations have methodology guidelines, standards, and agreement templates that could be used for this purpose, such as:

  1. ANSI Integrative Process Consensus National Standard Guide 2.0 - 2012
  2. AGC advocated ConsensusDocs 300
  3. IPDA & LCI Integrated Project Delivery: An Action Guide for Leaders
  4. CMAA: Managing Integrated Project Delivery
  5. American Institute of Architects California - 2007 IPD: A Guide
  6. AIA Document A195, B195, and A295 - 2008: Standard Form of Agreements
  7. PMI Integrated Project Delivery Resources

Path to an IPD Contract seems to be as simple as agreeing on Business Case, Contract Selection, Team Development, Charettes, and Negotiating Commercial Terms. However, achieving the synergy and collaborative culture within the newly formed triparty agreement and their subs, known as the “IP Team”, requires a champion that has interpersonal and business management skills as much as construction project management skills.

In our June 2021 discussion panel, AIA Detroit and PMI Great Lakes Chapter will host a panel of industry leaders to elaborate on their challenges and share best practices and success stories in pursuing an IPD Project. PMI will offer its perspective on how PMI Philosophy and adopting the PMBoK framework would facilitate and champion a successful IPD project completion!





Dave Kelly, Turner Construction

General Contractor Perspective: The road to IPD Success: Case Study

Katie Johnson, AIA Detroit

AIA: Trends & Future of IPD

Jack Mumma, Michigan State University

Owner Perspective: Why Do Owners Welcome IPD Projects?

Robert Stevenson, Ghafari Associates

Architect Perspective: Challenges in Pursuing an IPD Project - Architect Perspective

Reid Tucker, KPMG

Consultant Perspective: Tools and Techniques for IPD success

John Sier, Kitch Attorneys

Legal Services Consultant: Best Practices in Negotiating a Win-Win IPD Contract

Harri Emari, Host

PMP Perspective: System Thinking Interpersonal Skills for Managers


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