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2021 Career Planning - Be A Tiger in the Office

Be a Tiger in the Office.  Learn how to capitalize on opportunity and enhance your career

Don't let an unfulfilling career be the elephant in the room; take control - become the tiger in the office!

Career paths are often determined by what is available in the job market leaving people unsatisfied with their careers. This workshop will help you apply lessons learned by entrepreneurs in order to promote you towards your next step, rediscover buried career goals, and learn to take action towards them and pursue not just professional success, but true professional fulfillment.

Drawing on the content in I Inc, Career Planning and Personal Entrepreneurship, by Mike Callahan, we focus on using an entrepreneurial context as the metaphor for a successful career pursuit. 



Speaker:  Mike Callahan

Prior to his retirement in January, 2020, he was the Director for the College of Business’ Internship and Career Management Center at The University of Michigan – Dearborn.

In his current role he helps people, and organizations, be more empowered in the pursuit of their Brand, Value Proposition and Identification of Under-served needs i.e. their personal “Sweet Spot”.

Recently, he started a podcast called I Inc and Beyond. (It can be found on Google Podcasts and iTunes Podcasts). The podcast focuses on helping veterans, and returning citizens, become more empowered in the pursuit of their career aspirations.

In his prior role, he worked with employers and students to develop challenging internship and job placement opportunities for Graduate and Undergraduate students in the College of Business. .

His first book is titled I Inc. Career Planning and Personal Entrepreneurship. He uses that book, in workshops that he runs for veterans and other interested parties. It is also currently being used by the University of Michigan – Dearborn in a required Career Development course for all BBA students.

His second book is titled Tiger in the Office and builds on many of the same concepts as I Inc. but with a focus toward middle career individuals.

He has presented his work at the National Career Development Association conferences and conducted webinars for National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) on the Tiger book.


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Date: November 13th, 2021

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