Keynote Speaker

Scott Welle

Opening Keynote: How Elite Project Managers Cultivate Extraordinary Results

Scott Welle

Closing Keynote: Peak Performance for Project Managers

Emotional Track

Keonda W. Buford, MBA, PMP, LSSBB, CSM

Effectively Using Emotional Intelligence on Projects

Matt McCarty

Critical Communication Skills -- Needed Now More Than Ever

William A. Moylan, PHD, PMP, FESD, DTM

Cultivating the PM’s Emotional Quotient

Intellectual Track

Dr. Esther Jackson

Reaching Your Peak IQ and AQ Levels as a Project Manager

Marie Lee

PM Communication Intelligence: How “Excellent” Are Your Speaking and Writing Skills?

Ines Meneses

Crack the Case: Let’s Study a Real Case - a Challenging Issue Volunteered by the Audience

Leadership Track

Barbara Boldt

3 Communication Hurdles INTROVERTS Face: Strategies to Overcome Them and How Managers Can Support Them

Mike Callahan

Developing your Leadership Intelligence through Exploring your Passion

Jennifer Maynard

Authentic Leadership: Bring YOU to the Team

Technical Track

Pamela Hartsell, CPD PMP

What were you expecting? A PM Guide to Managing Stakeholders

Ronald Papa

PMI Citizen Developers

Chris VanHoeck

Agile Development, Past, Present, and Future